Golf Book - Home on the Range

Maximize Your Time and Results at the Driving Range!

  • Real-world cures to fix your swing while you’re at the range
  • Maximizing your practice time
  • Valuable techniques for the safe, efficient, and optimum use of the golf range facilities
  • Proven tips for improving the individual components of the game-full swing, putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker shots
  • Photos of normal, everyday golfers, just like you
This must-have practice guide gives you authoritative tips and techniques for improving your golf game. Without gimmicks and full of lucid examples and step-by-step instruction, Home on the Range skillfully leads you to the quickest, most meaningful improvement.

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Golf Illustrated:
". . .a great read to motivate golfers. . . Home on the Range quickly may become the bible for golfers who recognize practice as the key to improvement."

Inside Golf:
"It is the most complete guide to golf on the market today."

GOLF Magazine:
". . .a run-of-the-range collection of tips, from the basics to solutions for specific problems. Well organized. . .the Faults & Fixes sections are personalized by McDonald’s use of real people and their mistakes to demonstrate what’s wrong and how to fix it."

Rick Fehr, PGA Tour Star:
"I'm very impressed. . . this is a great approach to instruction, and it should help the reader a great deal."

The Seattle Times:
". . . a useful winner. A well-organized book designed to be taken to a driving range for instant analysis and correction of a pattern of bad shots."

The Albuquerque Tribune:
". . .an insightful and generously illustrated discussion on self-diagnosis, based on a sound understanding of the physics and biomechanics of the game."

John Peoples, Golf Reporter (1988-1995), The Seattle Times:
"Doug McDonald's book ranks with the best. It's full of straight-forward and practical advice. . . I really liked Doug's take-this-book-to-the-range approach."

Golf Range Times Magazine:
"It is packed with information about life at the range: what to work on, how long and in what order to practice, warming up, what to wear, safety, and how to approach lessons."

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
"Rather than make promises he couldn't back up or try to explain some convoluted theory about the game, McDonald has a novel approach. He simply tells you how to use the driving range, or how to practice."

An Anonymous Reader:
This book is great. If I'm slicing, I can find at least three things that might be causing it. For once, someone to tell me how to LEARN the game, not just master it."