Anyone who wants to play this incredibly difficult game well must understand the fundamentals, get solid coaching, and practice, practice, practice. Working with Doug insures the first two. He understands the game and is excellent at communicating it in a way that makes sense and is workable for his students. Working with him over time insures that the student will cross the bridge from awareness to a new level of golf competence. That means better scores and greater satisfaction. The practicing, as usual, is up to the student.

Rick Torseth, Triad Partnership

Private Golf Lessons, Seattle

My golf lesson priority -- working on my student’s weakest link

  • Student-set agenda
  • Short game lessons
  • Playing lessons
  • High-speed video camera
  • Two people can share the cost of one lesson
Teaching Philosophy
My student decides what shot is driving them the most crazy—the one that’s keeping them from their goals—and that’s what we spend the hour on. That way we are always attacking their biggest issues. Maybe it's hooking or pulling with their irons, slicing off the tee, topping their fairway woods, or maybe it's a general lack of distance with all their clubs.

Whatever it is, my student sets the agenda. Then, using a high-speed video camera and photos and articles from the best players in the world, everything is laid out in a logical way, including fundamental swing fixes (no band-aides) that I’ve seen work with thousands of students over the past 27 years.

Driving Range Lessons
All issues can be tackled, including: slicing, hooking, pulling, pushing, fat and thin, clubhead speed, lack of distance, swing plane, solid contact on the sweet spot, casting, over the top, and more.

The quickest route to lower scores is improving execution around the greens. Not to mention the positive effect proper short game mechanics will have on your full swing. Putting, chipping, pitching, bunker shots—these are the shots the best players in the world spend a lot of time on.

Appropriate time will be spent on the mental side of learning golf, especially getting past the big roadblocks most golfers run into:
  • How to practice efficiently
  • Avoiding band-aid fixes found in magazines, books, TV, and from well-meaning friends
  • A logical way of judging progress based on process rather than outcome
  • Characteristics of a quality pre-shot routine

Playing Lessons
These 9-hole on-course lessons are devoted almost entirely to controlling the brain and making high-percentage decisions on the course. Issues like:
  • staying in the process
  • expectations
  • controlling on-course swing thoughts
  • anger
  • sidehill lies
  • wind
  • bad lies
  • pre-shot routine
  • strategies around the greens
  • rules
  • etiquette
  • personal par


General Public, one hour: $85
—Same price for two people sharing the hour ($42.50 each)
—Three lesson package, 1 hour each lesson, $225 ($75 each lesson)
—Three lesson package, 1.5 hours each lesson, three people: $315 ($35 per person, each lesson)

U.W. students, one hour: $65

—Same price for two students sharing the hour ($32.50 each)
—Three lesson package, 1 hour each lesson, $180 ($60 each lesson)
—Three lesson package, 1.5 hours each lesson, three people: $252 ($28 per person, each lesson)

Juniors (17 and under), one hour: $65

ON-COURSE PLAYING LESSONS These lessons are for 9-holes, and generally take 2.5 to 3 hours. I walk the course while my student plays, and the emphasis is on course management and strategy. Only one student at a time for these lessons.

Home on the Range, available exclusively from Doug:
$15.95, Home on the Range
$ 6.00, shipping and handling
$21.95, plus tax

Student Quotes:

I recently participated in a four-week intensive golf lesson course with Doug McDonald. My golf game has improved significantly since I completed the course. My scores have dropped from the mid to low 90’s, to the high 80’s and low 90’s. More importantly, I feel capable of diagnosing mechanical problems as they occur on the golf course, so I can then correct them.

I found the lessons to be extremely rewarding and am ecstatic that I participated. Doug is an excellent teacher. . .he understands the mechanics of the game better than most teaching professionals and is able to explain those mechanics in a simple and comprehensible manner.
Brian McManus, Mundt, MacGregor, Happel, Falconer, Zulauf & Hall

Prior to my lessons I scored in the mid to high 90s. Subsequent to the lessons with Doug, my game has experienced dramatic changes. I am now scoring in the mid to high 80s with an occasional round near 80. I also understand the game more effectively and am able to more intelligently play a round of golf. Perhaps the most delightful aspect of my game is I am able to understand how to correct the problems that have developed subsequent to the lessons and to adjust my grip, stance, and swing to more effectively play the game.

The overall result—I am enjoying a game of golf significantly more than prior to the lessons with Doug. I would highly recommend theses lessons to any golfer of any ability. Doug has been a great help to me.
Michael Nikunen, Howard Johnson & Company

My golf game has been pushed to the next level. The proof is in the playing and I have seen significant improvement in all phases of the game. I now realize the road to mastery is a never-ending journey and I am enjoying the trip more because of your lessons.

If anyone wants to verify the effectiveness of lessons with you, have them call my golfing friends - they are amazed at my progress. I owe most of it to you.
Steve Juetten, William Mercer, Inc.